Functional and simple, here are 10 practical camping ideas and tricks.  It is important to read this list, which will help you remember important things, and avoid needless mistakes. Remember: You will be in a strange and unpredictable environment, so sensible precautions are wise.

  • Mosquito repellant: If you forget this important item, you will never forget it in your life! A good alternative is to keep the fire on, but controlled.


  • Solar protection:  Many people have suffered ultraviolet burns on cloudy or cool days. Remember:  The higher the terrain, the higher the risk.

  • Cooking instruments:  Pots, strainers, spatulas, metal covers, aluminum and plastic glasses, Tupperware, etc.  All of these are cooking items you will need.  However, try to optimize the space and pack wisely.

  • Cardboard box: Slip underneath sleeping bag. You will save yourself a lot of cold temperatures.

  • Tarpaulin: Place above the canopy or tent. It protects you from the sun and rain. However, be careful when there is too much wind.


  • Impermeable equipment and clothing:  You will not be the first person surprised by rain during a camping trip. Anticipate this situation with luggage and impermeable clothing.  This way, neither you nor your camping accessories will get wet.

  • LED Flashlights:  Saving electric energy is not only good at home. LED flashlights save a lot and uses very little battery reserve.  It should last you for a few days, but it is important to take large flashlights.  They are both good and practical.


  • Wildlife protection: No one wants to hurt the wildlife, but we don’t want them to hurt us either!  Depending on where you go, study the animals that could frighten or harm you, and take proper protection.

  • Shovel: Useful to dig a channel or drain around the canopy or tent.  Then, when it rains, it acts like drainage so your patch of land does not get flooded out.

  • Food reserve:  If you are living off the woods either by hunting or fishing, it will be a great idea to take provisions to accompany your catch.  Just in case you do not “catch” anything!  Remember, there are also many places that do not allow hunting and fishing.


As we said at the beginning: Practical, fast and simple plans. These tips and advice will help you on your camping trip. We hope that this has helped you and if you think of any other ideas, please share them with us or upload to social networks.