Do you love to go to the Supermarket but spend more and more?  Do you feel your money doesn’t stretch like it used to?  Beside coupons, this post can help you to save at the Supermarket. How? There are simple tricks that leave more money in your wallet and more food in your cart.


Clinical eye:  On the stands in the store whatever is at eye level is more expensive. So be attentive and look lower or higher for products…

Almost expired:  If you see something at the bakery that expires the following day, ask if the item can still be sold. Many times this will yield great discounts.

Buying meat:  If you buy a very large piece of meat and want to stretch it to two meals, you can tell the butcher to chop part of the meat up for you. This will save you more than 30 % of your purchase price.

Medications:  Save the medication list if there are many and buy at the pharmacy.  Do not buy in the Supermarket where they are much more expensive.

For salads:  Do not choose the transparent box that is well presented, washed and sliced.  A head or part of a lettuce and similar vegetable items cost less individually. Don’t be swayed by marketing.

Frozen products:  An investigation shows frozen fruits and vegetables, picked and prepared at the right time, can even be more nutritious than fresh ones.  They are also generally cheaper.  Stay away from any frozen product with additives like sugar, syrup or sauces.

Verify big offers:  Yes! Sometimes they are deceptive and you only save a few cents. Compare regular offers and deals available.

Daily discounts:  If there are credit card discounts applicable on the day of your purchase, ask the cashier to apply the discount!

Cheese:  Choose the loose blocks of cheese.  Do not choose shredded cheese on trays. These contain additives that are bad for our health.


Chicken:  Buy the entire chicken (It is convenient not only for the price but also for the portions). Sliced chicken parts are more processed and expensive. If you cook the whole chicken you will have more food for your family.

And you, do you have a secret way to save? Comment and share this article!