Let us consider this for a moment. What is the best gift we can give? Well, we could start with our Dad’s profession, his favorite sport, his favorite sports team – the one that keeps him up at night – the best moments of family life, etc. For this reason, we have thought of the Top 10, the best Top do – it – yourself gifts just for Dad.

The Top 10:

  1. Necktie:  This is an excellent gift.  One of the reasons why is this:  When other parents see it, they may say “What an excellent gift!”  We can add our own special touch to a necktie and make it more unique.  For example, we could take an old tie and print a nice design, or we could use a plain tie and paint “Happy Father’s day! We love you.”  We could also jazz it up with tribal designs or something similar.

  2. Cup of Coffee:  The only thing missing is the cup, but the design can be all our own. There are different companies that personalize gift items with pictures, designs, phrases, etc.  An even better option is giving two cups! One for the home and another one for work.

  3. Office equipment:  We can do a special gift with small cardboard boxes, porcelain with plain colors, etc. They come in various forms and sizes. Your Dad will love it, because when he is stressed with work, he will look at the pencil holder (for example) and smile.

  4. Picture frame:  We could add some element of his favorite sport, or something that symbolizes the moment when the picture was taken.

  5. Special reception:  In a do-it-yourself way, we could make a beautiful banner, with cardboard cutouts that say: “We love you Dad.”

  6. Six – pack: These are 6 bottled packs of 500 ml. Colorful with pictures and phrases. We could decorate with the colors of his favorite sports team, etc.

  7. Wallet:  With a Little imagination this could be a great gift. It can be a document holder too. It will always be in his pocket and he can take it everywhere with him.

  8. Food: How lovely for a father to have his whole family united together with gifts and good food. Especially if it is his favorite food! All of us love to eat, so this is an excellent idea!

  9. Painting: We can make the frame with cardboard or large pieces of wood. And we can use poster board to draw a nice painting. Hang it on the wall or on the ceiling over his bed. He will love it!

  10. Rug: We can purchase a rug / carpet or do it ourselves. We can paint it or make the design stand out with a phrase or drawing. It would be a great gift!


Do you have any more ideas? You can share them on social network or comment below. This is our Top 10 do it yourself gifts just for Dad. What about yours?