There are typical Latino foods that aren’t very attractive, but we love to eat them and they are super delicious! Don’t believe us? I will prove it, and if you have any doubts, try them for yourself.

1. Beans for breakfast: No one believes that such an unattractive breakfast, can be so delicious.

2. This is real meat BBQ, and not just hamburgers.

3. Bread with pork rinds: It seems like a delicacy, but if you were told how it is fried in grease and mixed with bread, you would hesitate to eat it. Total calorie bomb!

4. Blood sausage: There are several ways to explain it but to cut the long story short, the ingredients make it look horrendous. A type of black sausage with unknown ingredients…better not to think about it!

5. Brains quesadilla: We were doing well…  we loved quesadillas…  until the brains showed up.  Many devour it while others hate it!

6. Tripe’s Stew: It looks like a towel embedded in a tasty stew, according to great cooks. Ideal for those cold days.

7. Cows tongue: Many think this is the best meat… not just a simple cows tongue. People combine this meat with thousands of sauces and fun ways to prepare. Incredible!

8. Feijoada: The Brazilian that doesn’t eat Feijoada is not a Brazilian. Delicious! Just one problem… Was black really necessary? It doesn’t look that appetizing.


9. Reina Pepiada: I don’t know what’s so great about this, but Venezuelans love it.

10. What is the tenth mystery dish that comes to mind for its incomparable taste and aesthetic style…mmm…better not to remember. You wouldn’t like to know!